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The company’s success has been marked by a long list of major product contributions in the automotive, aviation, aerospace and transportation industries. With brakes on cars, trucks, trailers, buses, farm and construction equipment, airplanes, golf carts and even bicycles, Bendix was long recognized as the producer of more brakes for more kinds of vehicles than any other producer in the world. With over 80 years of experience backing us up, Bendix brake pads offer quality that is unmatched. From domestics to imports ? SUVs to fleet vehicles. We’ve got the right brake pad for just about anything with an engine and four wheels. And, since the recent introduction of our enhanced friction formulations, Bendix semi-metallic brake pads combat noise and dust better than ever before ? minimizing customer comebacks after they have brake work done.


Driving innovation to meet industry demands has been a company tradition since its founding by Vincent Bendix in 1924. While this innovator’s earliest automotive interest prompted him to a career in car manufacturing, extreme competition quickly pushed him out of the market. He became determined, however, to solve the problem associated with starting automobile engines at the time and soon saw success with his invention of the starter drive in 1911. Bendix advertised it as "the mechanical hand that cranks your car."

1924 In 1924, after meeting French engineer Henri Perrot at a European auto show, Bendix acquired the license to Perrot's shoe-brake patents.
1927 Bendix Corporation formed, company produces "Safety Servo" vacuum brake under the Braggs-Kliesrath name.
1930 Bendix-Westinghouse Automotive Air Brake Company established following the merger of Bendix Corp. and Westinghouse Automotive Air Brake. Headquarters located in Wilmerding, Pa.
1934 Bendix-Westinghouse takes automotive air brake worldwide by establishing licensing agreements with Westinghouse companies in France, Germany, Italy and England.
1941 Bendix-Westinghouse establishes new headquarters in Elyria, Oh.
1945 Vincent Bendix embarked upon a remarkable career with the launch of the Bendix Engineering Works and the Bendix trademark, a brand name that is still recognized and used long after the founder’s death in 1945.
1949 WWII accelerates developments, and air braking becomes standard on all heavy trucks, tractor-trailers, buses, fire trucks and off-highway vehicles.
1960 Automatic slack adjusters, air dryers, dual brake valves and first generation antilock braking systems are under development.
1962 The brand’s greatest innovations have been in vehicle braking and In 1962, Bendix supplied the first four-wheel disc brakes for a U.S. production car ? the high performance Studebaker Avanti
1967 In 1967, dual-braking master cylinders pioneered by Bendix became standard equipment on all U.S. cars. That same year, Bendix reached a milestone when it manufactured its 200-millionth automotive brake shoe.
1969 In July 1969, one giant leap for mankind also became a giant leap for Bendix as Apollo 11 astronauts Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin Jr. became the first men to walk on the moon, carrying scientific instrument packages designed and built by Bendix. The Bendix Corporation, as it was then known, was heavily involved in space missions during the late 60s and 70s and had a Bendix Launch Support Division located at the Kennedy Space Center. Bendix Corporation acquires 100 percent ownership of Bendix-Westinghouse.
1971 Only a few years later in 1971, Bendix introduced the industry to Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), with the first four-wheel ABS system being used on the Chrysler Imperial.
1973 Bendix-Westinghouse becomes Bendix Heavy Vehicle Systems Group, a division of Bendix Corporation.
1975 Bendix dual air brake system becomes standard for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121.
1980 Bendix establishes worldwide parts distribution center and remanufacturing operation in Huntington, In.
1982 Bendix Corporation merges with Allied Corporation and the division becomes an operating unit of Allied Automotive, an independent supplier to the worldwide automotive industry under the brand names of Bendix, Fram and Autolite.
1986 The Bendix Heavy Vehicle Systems Group of Allied merges with Bendix Limited European truck air brake operation establishing Bendix Heavy Vehicle Systems Group-Europe. Allied Corporation acquires Signal operations establishing AlliedSignal Inc. as the division's parent company.
1989 Bendix Heavy Vehicle Systems Group-Europe acquires truck air brake operation of Magneti Marelli, strengthening European operations.
2006 After years of experience, Honeywell Friction Materials continues the Bendix tradition of unleashing new brake technologies and products, which are welcomed by the world's most popular vehicle manufacturers and professional technicians alike. A deep history, innovative braking technology and outstanding customer service have allowed the Bendix name to become one of the best-known names in the industry. And with our new friction formulas, we’re pioneering the quiet revolution in brake pad technology. The company has a reputation for answering tough brake questions and providing technical support and training through its Stop Shop Program, the Bendix Brake Answerman and staff ASE certified technicians.
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